What is “Ryujin Mabuyer”

“Ryujin Mabuyer”started in October 2008 by broadcasting on local TV. Now it is beyond the local character and it’s gradually known in the main islands of Japan.
In the background of such greatest hit, there are simplicity and native landscape in Japan that national contents usually don’t depict. Especially in Okinawa, we believe that various sympathies attribute to the beautiful nature.
That is exactly the aim of this work that a hero of kids’ dream plays a main role in the story which corresponds to the culture, history, and religion of Okinawa. We aim to send out the work which develops children’s imagination.


Countdown to the evil period

In the year of 2008,Okinawa is a beautiful and peaceful place. Unknown to the Okinawan people,a great evil had appeared. The evilcorps If Majimun conspired to steal the 9 legendary Mabui Stones.
A Legendary hero comes back
During the time that crisis is approaching to Okinawa, a man, whose name is Kanai, was led by one of the Mabui Stones’ genius, Ryujin Mabuyer . Then, he rise to shatter the evil ambition as “Ryujin Mabuyer”

A war has begin

The Evil Corps began steeling the legendary Mabui Stones, and put Okinawa people into disorder. But Ryujin Mabuyer(Kanai) takes the stones back from the evils. Kanai become a hero and gradually realizes what the justice is.
Kanai suffers from his own power
Kanai become to know about Okinawan spirits. He become to feel pleasure by beating evils although being lonely. Ken, who is Kanai’s only partner,sometimes advices him, “you can not obtain the peace by power,”but Kanai doesn’t care about is. After a white, Kanai hurts his girl friend, Curea,and her father, Ganjiro during the battle. Kanai began to loose trust from Okinawa people and also defeated in the fight. But Ken doesn’t give up, and helped him to run away into the woods of Yanbaru. Kanai starts training under the god of Yanbaru-kuina. At the same time, Evil Majimun finds out that Ryujin Mabuyer (Kanai)is the one who has the last Mabui Stone. On the other hand ,Kanai was shocked by the fact that his real brother , Nirai, is the Vice General of evil Corps.

Ryujin Mabuyer(Kanai) destroys evil

After the enough training, Kanai was permitted to fight again by gods. The day comes. He made an amazing decision how to fight with the vice general of evil corps, his brother Nirai. The way how he fight is “he does NOT anything,” which means he doesn’t fight and accept his brother as he is. His brother, Nirai, impressed and touched deeply by Kanai’s spirit, and his heart changed. He awoke what the justice is and how wonderful Okinawan spirits is. Ryujin Mabuyer destroyed the Evil, and the peace returns to Okinawa again.

1. Majimun means devil, Stan, or monster which affects people in had way.
2. North part of Okinawa Island is called Yanbaru which is mostly woods.
3. A bird only lives in Yanbaru area. Natural monument.



Mabui Stones, Ryukyu Legend and what happens if people loose it.

1.Uchina-guchi Mabui Stone (won’t be able to speak Uchina-guchi, Okinawan dialect)
2.Ishiganto Mabui Stone (looses power of Ishiganto, a lot of accidents and disaster happens)
3.Te-ge- Mabui Stone (loose broad minds)
4.Eisa Mabui Stone (won’t be able to dance Eisa)
5.Cha-ganju- Mabui Stone (be unhealthy)
6.Ichariba cho-de- Mabui Stone(looses friendly minds)
7.To-to-me- Mabui Stone (looses respect to ancestors)
8.Nuchi do takara Mabui Stone (won’t feel lives are worthless)
9.Kacha-shi- Mabui Stone (won’t be able to dance Kacha-shi-)